Skanste Development Agency
Skanste Development Agency. Visual identity for the Skanste neighbourhood

Baltic Cleantech Alliance
Baltic Cleantech Alliance. Visual identity

Compactino. Visual identity for sanitary items' brand

Polycer. Visual identity for engineered stone products' manufacturer

Tukums County Council
Tukums County Council. Tukums visual identity

State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia
State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia. 112 visual identity

Grundfos. Logo for the long-term service warranty programme Grundfos Plus

Vides Eksperti
Vides Eksperti. Logo and visual identity

Riga Technical University
Riga Technical University. Logo for Use Science project

CleanTech Latvia
CleanTech Latvia. Logo and visual identity

Re-Play Ice hockey
Re-Play Ice hockey. Product logo

PlayGineering systems
PlayGineering systems. Logo and visual identity

Karingo Vero
Karingo Vero. Logo and visual identity

Adventure Ride
Adventure Ride. Logo and visual identity

Primavera. Logo and visual identity

AAECIP. Association logo

Airline Solution
Airline Solution. Logo and visual identity

Lauma Fabrics
Lauma Fabrics. Logo

Beau Monde
Beau Monde. Beauty salon logo and visual identity

Grundman. Logo

Segwaytours. Logo and visual identity

Husvik. Visual identity

Riga Property Development
Riga Property Development. Logo and visual identity

Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of the Interior. Logo for Health and sports centre

Tolmets. Visual identity

Con-Ex by Latvia Tours
Con-Ex by Latvia Tours. Brand visual identity 

Lauma Medical
Lauma Medical. Logo

Art Hotel Laine
Art Hotel Laine. Logo and visual identity

AT Grāmatvedība un audits
AT Grāmatvedība un audits. Logo

Latvia Tours
Latvia Tours. Communication materials

Ķekava poultry factory
Ķekava poultry factory. Communication materials

TG Mobile
TG Mobile. Logo and visual identity

Alta Real Estate Partners
Alta Real Estate Partners. Visual identity

Ivetas Balodes Komunikāciju Konsultācijas
Ivetas Balodes Komunikāciju Konsultācijas. Logo for Public Relations company

Remus. Communication materials


Kā Logo and visual identity