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White and green tea campaign.

The task: To develop a campaign which will strengthen the position of Lipton white and green tea in pyramid tea bags in the Baltic States by establishing a conviction in buyers that pyramid tea bags are better than regular ones. Result: a considerable increase in sales of Lipton white and green tea in comparison to the results of last year.

Communication strategy: Extraordinarily mild taste!

Tactical solutions:

Target group attraction activities in shopping centres in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius and Kaunas. To attract attention, large-scale tea bags with swirling tea leaves inside were placed at the shopping centres offering people to jump on a trampoline inside the pyramid. More than 30,000 people tasted the tea and experienced what it is like to be a tea leaf, thus seeing the advantages of tea filled in pyramid bags for themselves.

POS materials in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Promoting publicity in the printed media and on the Internet: sending flying tea bags with white and green tea samples to journalists, followed by a press release including the opinions of experts of the respective field. A Lipton letter contest in one of the most popular media in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Result: more than 60 publications in various media in the Baltics.

Lipton competitions in various media in Latvia (, Lithuania (Ji) and Estonia (Naised). The main prize: a flight with hot-air baloon.

Lipton Green & White tea sales promotion activities in the Baltics.

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