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Saga – tea for the whole family – launch campaign in the Baltics.

The task: Campaign for promoting the recognition of Saga.

Communication strategy: Taste a new tea for the whole family – Saga!

Tactical solutions:

POS materials and Saga tea stand design.

What shall we drink tonight? door hangers with Saga fruit tea samples distributed to about 150 000 households in apartment buildings.

Outdoor ads in public transport stops

Sponsorship of the LNT show Dziedošās ģimenes (The Singing Families). A chance to promote the recognition of Saga within the main target group – families.

Homepages for all three Baltic states with the Saga story, the range of tea, as well as useful tea recipes

WEB banners. A strong emphasis in communication regarding the fact that Saga tea comes in round tea bags.

Apskatīt bannerus >

What shall we drink tonight? door hangers with Saga fruit tea samples were distributed to inhabitants of apartment buildings in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius and Kaunas.

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