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Triatel Mobile Expedition campaign

The task: To promote the recognition of Triatel mobile Internet and the use of communication services in rural regions of Latvia.

Communication strategy: To clearly demonstrate that Triatel mobile Internet is working in all the rural regions of Latvia.

Tactical solutions:

Internet measurer recruitment campaign in schools, municipalities and online. From more than 2500 applications 111 eager youngsters were chosen, one from each of the 111 sectors into which the rural regions of Latvia were divided.

A website offering a possibility to publish Triatel mobile Internet measurements, photo and video materials. All mobile Internet measurements were carried out by Internet users themselves: over a period of two months, 111 exclusively selected and trained Triatel expedition agents armed with modems, carried out mobile Internet measurements at municipalities, schools, care homes, local newspaper editorial offices, homes of friends and acquaintances, and other more unusual places. As a result of the expedition, a vast amount of data on the Internet quality in Latvian regions, as well as extensive photo and video material was obtained. Altogether 8446 measurements were performed with 56 publications made in the regional media.

Internet measurement activities in regions with the help of expedition participants and local schoolchildren.

Video stories and photographs by expedition participants published on the Internet and in the regional media.

Expedition participants awarding ceremony in BOWLERO entertainment centre, Riga.

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