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Recharge your family for springtime works! campaign

The task: Saga tea promotional and publicity campaign. Taking into account that events similar to the big cleanup Lielā Talka in Latvia take place in all of the Baltic States at roughly the same time, to promote Saga as a tea for the whole family by inviting families to actively participate in environment cleanup events and other events where families can spend time together. As the organisations which organise the cleanup are different in every Baltic state, a communication strategy and tactical solutions were individually tailored to suit each market's specifics and conditions.

Communication strategy: Participate in the big cleanup and win prizes for the whole family!


Tactical solutions:

In Latvia and Estonia a more comprehensive partnership with the cleanup organisers has been established which has allowed the official cleanup logos to be included in Saga POS materials.

The competition Participate in the big cleanup Lielā Talka and win a family trip to LEGOLAND! was announced in Latvian schools, on the portal, as well as through Lielā Talka communication channels.

Saga prizes and motivation materials for all the coordinators of the big cleanup in Latvia.

In Lithuania a Facebook page was created for Saga with specially developed content (inspiring quotes and competitions) thus giving the followers a chance to win a basket full of Saga teas and a family trip to LEGOLAND. To decide the winner of the main prize, a WEB application was developed which offered a possibility to add and vote for photos. The main theme of the submitted photos was families carrying out cleanup activities or drinking tea together. The trip to LEGOLAND was drawn from the submitters of the 20 most popular photos. 

In Lithuania during the Mes darom! cleanup, the Saga team visited various cleanup locations with presents for cleanup participants – Saga tea packs with a campaign sticker that informed of the opportunity to win a trip to LEGOLAND for the whole family by submitting a picture captured during the cleanup events.

In Latvia, during the big cleanup the Saga team treated the soaked (it was raining!) cleanup participants in the territory of the Children’s clinical university hospital and also in the yard landscaping event on Eizenstein street, Riga.

Coordinators of the big cleanup in Estonia received a special set intended for cleanup participants, supplemented with Saga tea.

Saga, in collaboration with BIGBANK, both supported the activities of the association of the Great families during the cleanup and the Great family event in Tallinn Zoo, thereby gaining vast publicity in various media.

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