Logo and Visual Identity

The logo and other elements of visual identity represent the product, the services or the company as a part of one whole. At the same time these elements help to distinguish that particular offering among its competitors.

A professionally created visual identity forms unitary graphic cannon which attributes to all brand's visual expressions. This code comprises all of the brand's representation and communication materials and defines the principles and aesthetic philosophy behind these visual identity elements.

Developing the graphic sign or logo is the first step in creating the visual identity. All other identity elements must be compatible and readable. The message must be simple, clear and corresponding. The graphic design must clearly communicate the associations this particular brand is expected to evoke.

All of the developed visual identity elements, along with the rules regarding their use, are included in the Corporate Identity manual. Consistent application of the rules regarding the use of the visual identity is mandatory for successful marketing communication and creating the desired brand image in the minds of target audience.

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