Ready for the summer!


Our city branding works!

Public broadcasting news portal of Latvia:

Jurmala, Ventspils, and Tukums are the only towns where the visual identity and logo is based upon well though through brand strategy.


I can't comment about Jurmala and Ventspils, but without careful research and involvement of the Tukums officials and inhabitants for almost a year, we would not be able to achieve such good results in Tukums. I'm convinced that meaningful branding job of any city could not be achieved over shorter period of time. After all the logo is just a “tip of the aisberg” representing deeper meaning of the brand.

All the efforts to achieve something in the shortest period of time is doomed to fail because there are simply no shortcuts for developing common understanding of so many different people.  




This weekend some of us had fun in festival SVIESTS 2015: Joikas & Dainas. Well, had fun working – filming, photographing, listening, viewing & interviewing – we are preparing some good stuff about this Latvian-Norwegian culture exchange project.

Stay tuned!


See yourself like birds do!

Offer wings to your target audience and let them see you from bird’s eye view!

ESPLANADE offers aerial photography and aerial video services to provide you with quality materials from inspiring but otherwise difficult-to-reach heights and perspectives.

We use a DJI Inspire drone (or quadcopter) for photographing and filming, and will also take care of material post-production.

Rightwards: a picture from our previous work – Tukums old town from bird’s eye view. Client: Tourism Information Centre of Tukums.


Who’s the MAGISTRO here?

Watch the first video and discover, who have become the heroes of BFT series!

BFT Magistro – innovative and easy-to-install system that allows to control all automated devices from tablet, PC or your smartphone.


Cat’s cradle in the Netwoking Age

Cat’s cradle game served as a source of inspiration for this poster ESPLANADE designed for Riga Technical University (RTU) Alumni Reunion Your success – our opportunities. The topic of 2015: THE NETWORKING AGE.


Forest secrets

Forest is a mysterious place. It’s not a room, from which you need to wipe out every speck of dust you face. Did you know that thousands of living creatures find their shelter and nutrition in dead or broken off trees – including many rare species? And did you know how useful those fallen leaves and needles are? And that many forest inhabitants prefer old and a little bit ruinous homes – I mean older trees – rather than those new and tidy?

Before you visit this misterious place, watch our animated short films, which were created in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund and the forest world connoisseurs!

Our dear English speaking friends – sorry, only in Latvian!


Lipton DIP & WIN campaign has finished!

And the lucky winner of Toyota Aygo in Latvia is Aleksandrs Sinkevics. Congratulations!

All winners – here.



Last Friday, when many folks throughout the world were waiting in long lines to check out new Iphone 6, we didn’t want to fall behind. But we decided in favour of a bit different kind of apples. And this is how we taste freshly squeezed apple juice after lending a hand to one nice Latvian lady which has a big apple garden which needs to be taken care of every fall.



A little bit of creativity and a host of diligence

When you receive something like this... You start to wonder... Well, maybe this glue... Is actually tasty...?

Thanks for making us smile!


What an inspiring message

There are times when client's acknowledgements are very inspiring. This is that particular case!



Euroskor Fall 2014 Collection and KV Photo Shoot

Here's another chance to take a look at behind the scenes footage of Euroskor Fall 2014 KV photo session. 



Making of: Grundfos Plus

A brief insight into the making of the Grundfos Plus extended warranty programme.



Euroskor KV photo session

Here's a chance to take a look at behind the scenes footage of Euroskor KV photo session.



Creatives on the ice

When our creatives meet on the ice, the outcome can't be foreseen. 



Ice hockey match in Tukums ice rink

In between Olympic Esplanade agencies team also checks its dexterity in sports. Every year we’re trying new sports and this year it was ice hockey. This time we had an intense and very friendly ice hockey game with our clients in Tukums ice rink.
Thanks for the great game!

P.S. Result? Business secret :)



Forecast in Zoskaleji

It's a common thing for marketing, communications and advertising agencies to start planning Spring campaigns already around Christmas.
So we listen carefully to weather watcher's forecast for the next Spring.

Have a bright and pleasant Advent!





We're back at work

We're back at work.
We've visited Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom and Ukraine.
We're full of energy.
We're back at work. 

Here's a fragment of wall painting in Kyiv in the picture.



Esplanade on vacation

Please be informed that from June 24 until July 7 we are going to recharge our batteries –
as always, our team vacation will take care of supplying positive emotions and fresh inspiration.

So, here's the only guy managing our e-mails during the vacation: http://bit.ly/106QIDm

Have a great day and see you in July!


Trip to Legoland for whole family

We've made one family in the world a bit more happier. This time it's Saga lottery winners Rolands Miljons' family that has won a trip to Legoland Windsor resort.




Saga tea participation in BIG FAMILIES event at Tallinn Zoo.

This gathering brought around 900 guests, mainly families having 3 or more children.

Five families recieved special Saga award – Saga tea basket with year’s supply.

These triplets with Saga packs were highlight of the event and were seen in many media channels.



Esplanade during Darom diena 2013

We participate in Big clean up day events in all Baltic countries. This time we visited our neighbours - Lithuanians at "Darom diena 2013" events in Vilnius and Klaipeda areas.
We feasted paritcipants with tea and afterwards we donated tea to families social care center.

We can and therefore we do!




Saga. Tea for the whole family! Trip to Legoland raffle 2013

We've just raffled Legoland competition winner. Find out who won a trip to Legoland Windsor resort watching the raffle video:




Esplanade agency during Big Cleanup day 2013

In spite of numerous works in the agency and pouring rain, some of Esplanade employees managed to find time to participate in the Big Cleanup day 2013.





Comments on reputation survey results

Congratulations! Must send more work to you now! - Erkki Tuisik, DDB Eesti, Tallinn

Congratulations! That is incredible success. I hope that such success means also that the agency is doing well in terms of business. Take care. - Vladimir Jarkovsky, Managing Director, Advertising agency REMMARK, Prague, Czech Republic

Uuuuuu, superīgi, mēs priecājamies par jums :) Kad ballīte? :) - Evija Pudāne, CleanTech Latvia

Супер! Сначала ты работаешь на репутацию, а потом она на тебя :) Поздравляю! - Алексей Ветров, Arabesque communications group, Moscow, Russia

Hi, there, Matiss, Congratulations. Best wishes from JCDecaux Lithuania. I hope this evaluation will be a trigger to try even harder!:) Looking forward working will you again, - Jurgis Bernotas, Innovate coordinator, JCDecaux Lithuania

Liels prieks par Jums! :) - Sandijs, promoteam.lv

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